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Dr. Ben Davidman

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Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

ServicesI begin each treatment with a full assessment of a person’s mental, social, and psychological functioning. This assessment usually takes two to three sessions, but may take longer depending upon the complexity of the issues involved. At the end of the assessment, I present my understanding of the issues involved in every-day language, as well as DSM-V diagnoses, if applicable. We then collaboratively develop goals for treatment, and discuss the various treatment options.

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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

ServicesPsychodynamic psychotherapy focuses on patterns and assumptions based on past experience that we carry with us to the present day. By learning more about the lens through which we view the world, we can step outside of repetitive patterns of behavior that aren’t working and open up new possible experiences. We can step outside of repetitive patterns of behavior.

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ServicesPsychoanalysis is an open-ended, intensive exploration of the motivations that we conceal from ourselves. It can help with long standing personality difficulties, as well as difficulties in interpersonal relationships. Psychoanalysis is usually conducted at a frequency of four to five sessions a week, and the treatment often focuses on the relationship with the analyst as a paradigm for relationships in everyday life. Lying down on the analytic couch can be used to allow greater freedom of expression and exploration. Click Here to learn more about psychoanalysis.

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ServicesPsychiatric medication, in conjunction with psychotherapy, can be an important part of a treatment plan. My role as psychopharmacologist is that of a consultant, in that I provide information regarding medication options in order to help the individuals I work with to make informed decisions regarding their mental health care. As a therapist, I see medication as a useful tool that can help people get more out of their therapy. I prescribe medications while working with someone in therapy, or in collaboration with another therapist.

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NYC Mental Health

Dr. Davidman is a proven leader in psychiatric services including psychotherapy and psychoanalysis located in NJ, New York City (NYC) in New York County. His practice serves New York (NY) Metro Area including Manhattan and Northern New Jersey (NJ). Please contact Dr. Davidman as a trusted source for all of your psychiatric needs and to schedule an appointment to stop by and see him at his office in NY.

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